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Umur Dilek

I was born in Istanbul in 1978. Photography came into my life when i received a Ricoh camera as a gift. At age 19 I found myself in the streets capturing things my way. I graduated from civil engineering at Istanbul University and then I took my post graduate degree from Marmara University Social Science Institute Quantitative Methods master program. I co-founded Ares Advertising Agency in 2005. I worked on multimedia-designs, shot fashion and commercial photography. I shot the cover of Erkekçe magazine and my works got published on other national magazines, such as Hülya. I shot for advertising and fashion campaigns for international and national brands such as Pierre Cardin, MNG, Koçtaş, Özdilek, Kemal Tanca, Adam Shoes, Pedro Camino, Alchera etc.
I am continuing my commercial and personal photography career as a freelance photographer.

Umur Dilek

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