Project Description

Istanbul Wedding Dress Photoshoot

We worked together with a famous Pakistani fashion designer to took a Istanbul Wedding Dress Photoshoot with amazing Ortaköy views.

As a fashion photographer, I like to photograph niche brands in interesting places.

Wearing a floral-inspired dress? Take a cue from this beautiful bride and choose a bouquet that reflects the textures of your gown’s blooms.

- Istanbul Wedding Dress Photoshoot

Tips and Tricks: How to Prepare for a Dreamy Wedding Dress Photoshoot in Istanbul

Istanbul serves as a mesmerizing backdrop for a wedding dress photoshoot. The blend of culture, history, and modernity offers an enchanting canvas for capturing the perfect bridal moments. Here are some essential tips to ensure your wedding dress photoshoot is a dreamy success:

1. Scout Iconic Locations

  • Istanbul’s highlight; the city’s stunning locations like the Bosphorus, historical landmarks, or vibrant markets that serve as picturesque settings for bridal photography.

Such as Ortaköy, Cihangir, Çukurcuma, Balat, Karaköy Bridge, Galata Tower neighbor.

- Istanbul Wedding Dress Photos

- Istanbul Wedding Dress Photos

2- In Motion Photos

On the move! Do a bit twirl and play with your wedding skirt to recreate graceful portrait.

- Istanbul Wedding Dress Photoshoot

3. Weather Considerations

Istanbul might be a little tricky in spring and autumn. Sudden rains, clouds and high humidity winds are always effects the lights in photoshoots. Summer in July and August Istanbul might be very hot and difficult to walk around in noons. It is crucial to plan a photoshoot in early morning or before sunset.

- Istanbul Wedding Dress Photos

4. Permits and Permissions

For shooting in certain locations in Istanbul , permits may be required. Research and secure necessary permissions in advance to avoid any disruptions during the shoot. Your photographer in istanbul can solve and learn the rates of palaces and other necessary photo spots.  

5. Collaborate with a Local Photographer

You can save time, money and have chance to have amazing photos from that incredible city with a local profession fashion photographer.

6. Relax and Enjoy the Moment

Encourage the model and crew to relax and enjoy the experience. Natural, candid moments often make for the most stunning photographs. 

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