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Jewelry Photography, Türkiye

JTR Jewelry photography of Design Competition finalists, jewelry photography, Türkiye photo shoot.

Keep Your Setup Simple

For better e-commerce and product photography, does not require any complex setup. You can even photograph jewelry at simple way. All you need is a solid surface, a white or black backdrop, your camera, lens, and lights! You can use a metal clamp to secure the backdrop into place

JTR Jewelry Comp.

Photographer // Fotoğrafçı: Umur Dilek
Make-up, hair design : Mehmet E. Hanefi
Styling : Sinem Ertekin
Retouch: Ardalan Ranjbar
Assistant : Barkın E.

Client : Elif Karasoy, JTR
Agency : DDF

Competition official website:
JTR Mücevher Yarışması İmaj Çekimi Photographer

Avoid Distortion Lenses

The top mistake made by product photographers is using the wrong lens. When you photograph a product of any kind, you don’t want any perspective warping.

It is more logical to use a wide angle lens so that you can expand upon the details. But, this doesn’t work for product photography.

JTR Mücevher Finalistleri İmaj, Jewelry Photography

Watch Out for Inaccurate White Balance

Accurate colors are crucial in any type of product photography.

Many customers buy products based on the colors showcased by your product photography. You don’t want disappointed clients.

Consider Depth of Field

I am using a deeper DOF for the best focus. You can use shallow depth of field to bring attention to details of the jewelry. The most common problem is using only a shallow DOF. Shallow DOF is for detail shots, not the full product!

JTR Mücevher İmaj Çekimi Photographer // Fotoğrafçı: Umur Dilek

Jewelry Photography, Türkiye

JTR Jewelry Photography

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