Istanbul Street Photography Tour

Istanbul based fashion photographer Umur Dilek providing Istanbul Street Photography Tour for your now!

IG: umurdilek

You feel comfortable with your camera, you know a bit of technic & you’d like to go deeper into some specific points? 
I offer 3-hour lesson, focused on 2 predefined themes, to learn new technics / functions.
3 hours are also perfect to get into photo edition / processing with Adobe Lightroom.

You know that you don’t know?  You’d like to learn, understand & finally get the images you want?
Thanks to the packages of 3, 4 or 5 lessons, I create a custom-made program with:

  • Regular lessons (weekly for example)

  • A progressive learning, from the bases to the advanced settings

  • Homework to do between lessons

  • Lessons as photo walks

Lessons are private

– Everyone has his-her own level of knowledge.

– Everyone has his-her own camera which can be anywhere in the wide range of cameras.

– Everyone has his-her own way of understanding & learning, at his-her own pace.

– Everyone has a special taste for a certain kind of photography.


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Book a Private Istanbul Street Photography Tour on the streets of Istanbul with a local profession.