Project Description

Oak Goods Leather Product Photoshoot

Niche brand Oak Good choosed us to for their leather product photoshoot. We took photos of the stylish and high quality leather accessories of the Oak Goods brand in our studio.

Creative Visual Contents With Combining Light Sources

Handbags, backpacks or shoulder bags, wallets, luggage sets… Umur Dilek Photography makes creating visuals a simple and intuitive process. For leather with details and textures, a mixture of hard and soft lighting to highlight details.

Leather Product Photoshoot

Leather apple watch cords

Leather product photoshoot

Ipad leather cover

Leather Product Photoshoot

Leather wallet photoshoot

Leather Product Photoshoot

Leather wallet

Leather Product Photoshoot Oak Goods Aksesuar, Ürün Fotoğraf Çekimi Oak Goods Aksesuar E-ticaret Fotoğraf Çekimi Aksesuar Fotoğraf Çekimi

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